Our partners and customers will be delighted to hear that our company has become a member of IUVA recently. IUVA – The International Ultraviolet Association – the development of science, technology, and application of UV technology to improve the quality of human life and protect the environment. This association isContinue Reading

As you, probably, know, our company has developed a new individual product line for disinfection of vehicles – AEREKS TRANS AVIA. These devices are 12-24V powered and have a vibration-resistant case. It can be used inside all types of vehicles, such as cars, public transport, trains, ships, and airplanes. AllContinue Reading

Franklite has some exciting news to share with you! New innovative and modern product ranges will be launched this September, which also marks the start of lighting season. In continuation of our well received Catalogue 26, these new product ranges each with their own variations, have been added to ourContinue Reading

SCHÖNWALD AT HILTON GARDEN INN FRANKFURT AIRPORT HOTEL Directly at Frankfurt Airport, the futuristic look of the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Hotel welcomes the world. This look includes 36,000 pieces from the elegant SCHÖNWALD Collections CHARACTER and AVANTI, as well as the innovative buffet collections EVENT and SCENARIOGN. SCHÖNWALD ATContinue Reading

Style meets function with Umbra’s maintenance-free hotel blackout blinds & curtains that come with obstacle detection motors. Motorised roller blinds come with more features than a standard manual blind that you might not even realise are available to you. For example, obstacle detection. Obstacle detection motors are able to detectContinue Reading

Masters of transformation Here at Twilight Trees we are specialists in interior and exterior design and our bespoke installations are something we are particularly proud of. Our creative team takes on projects big and small, corporate and private, residential and commercial. So whether it’s for business or leisure, there’s never been aContinue Reading