Australia’s newest low-cost start-up Bonza Airlines will provide the vital low-cost competition in a ‘full-service’ dominated market which could expectedly be a disruptive force. COVID-19 has presented Bonza Airlines with a prime opportunity to get launched with the current situation aiding its expansion plans of filling the void in theContinue Reading

Following news that PepsiCo announced a rise in earnings in Q3 2021; Ramsey Baghdadi, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view: “Sales from PepsiCo continue to soar, despite ongoing challenges born from COVID-19, as well as its factory disruption this quarter (Q3). The company’sContinue Reading

The traditionally popular flavors of cola, lemon-lime and pepper saw a combined 4.3% volume decrease in 2020, according to GlobalData. While these flavors will remain dominant, the leading data and analytics company says that leading drinks brands are making room to experiment with unique, limited-time-only flavors that entice a youngContinue Reading

With almost a third* of global consumers telling GlobalData that they are willing to choose vegan eggs over traditional eggs, the leading data and analytics company notes that these could offer consumers a gateway into plant-based/vegan diets. Carmen Bryan, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Plant-based eggs are the perfect transitionalContinue Reading