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Growing up in England amidst weavers and craftsmen, Mark Page is the fourth generation of his family to make a living in carpet manufacturing and has been in the industry since 1987. Today, he is senior director of creative design and development for Mohawk Group, Durkan‘s parent company, and servesContinue Reading

Stacy Shoemaker Rauen: Hi, I’m here with Naomi. Naomi, thanks so much for joining me today. Naomi Heaton: Thank you very much. I’m delighted to join you, and to have this chat with you. SSR: Great. Well, we always start at the beginning. So where did you grow up? NH:Continue Reading


Stacy Shoemaker Rauen: Anouska, we’re so excited to have you here today. We always start the podcast with where you started. Where did you grow up? Anouska Hempel: In Australia, but I never did grow up, you know that, that’s the problem. Australia, the Antipodes, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea,Continue Reading

Lisa Villarreal first joined her family’s furniture manufacturing and importing firm, J.S. Greene Associates, in 1987, after graduating with a business degree from San Diego State University. In 2000, she set off to create her own division of the company. Lily Jack, of which Villarreal is president and CEO, isContinue Reading