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Tennis champion and creative entrepreneur Venus Williams discusses her philanthropy work, wellbeing-focused projects, and more with Hospitality Design editor in chief Stacy Shoemaker Rauen. As president of her Florida design firm V Starr, Williams shares the goals and ideals that help transcend barriers and define her leadership approach—merging lessons fromContinue Reading

Serdar Kutucu’s hospitality pedigree stands on its own. He was with Design Hotels for 12 years, eventually being elevated to COO. During his tenure, Kutucu spearheaded a hospitality-related experience division, which started with small projects, including pop-ups in Tulum, Ibiza, and Mykonos. “We saw the world of hotels getting boring,Continue Reading

Stacy Shoemaker Rauen: Hi, I’m here with George. George, thanks so much for joining me today. George Gottl: Hi, thank you very much, Stacy. I’m thrilled to be here. SSR: It’s exciting. We always start at the beginning. Where did you grow up? GG: I grew up in California. IContinue Reading

This year’s honorees are pushing industry boundaries, bringing their singular visions to life through the design of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and everything in between. Meet these 10 standouts who are instilling their work with a new perspective while redefining the status quo. Kristen Conry Senior Vice President, Global Design,Continue Reading

Attending a boarding school in northwest England, James Waterworth was frustrated at the lack of creativity in the curriculum. “I’m much better with my hands than I was academically,” he says. His family, on the other hand, encouraged his maker mentality. His sister, working for Condé Nast in the U.S.,Continue Reading

Design first piqued John Randall’s interest while he was working in construction as a teen. “I had whole pads filled with ideas,” he says. “What propelled me into design initially was to see these ideas made real.” His college studies offered some unexpected assistance. “Studying biology at Vasser lent anContinue Reading

On the cusp of its 60th anniversary, Flos continues to reinvent itself with lighting fixtures that are beautiful, inventive, and thoughtfully manufactured in Italy. Ann Schiffers, CEO of Flos USA, recently sat down with HD to talk about the brand’s new releases, Flos’ impressive hospitality work, and how the companyContinue Reading

Stacy Shoemaker Rauen: Hi, I’m here with Ed from AB Concept. Ed, thanks so much for joining us today. Ed Ng: Hi, Stacy. How are you? Thank you for having me here. SSR: Yeah. Thanks for staying up late to do this. It’s early where I am and late whereContinue Reading

Soon after the pandemic asserted itself, Bill Walshe, CEO of Los Angeles-based Viceroy Hotel Group, organized a Formula 1 racing-inspired Pole Position program, aiming to “bring as many furloughed colleagues back to continuous employment as fast as we possibly could,” he says. The activation date for this re-employment program wasContinue Reading

With his father and grandfather responsible for Hong Kong’s New World Centre, a multiuse urban development combining hospitality, residential, and retail, Adrian Cheng’s fate was sealed from a young age. “I was witnessing the inner workings of pioneering real estate development,” he says. “My interest was somewhat innate.” Today, he’sContinue Reading