Hot Flag Carrier

Sandra Githinji Creative director, Sandra Githinji Last summer, Melbourne-based multidisciplinary designer Sandra Githinji crafted an artful homage to Nigeria with Little Lagos. The design of the restaurant in Sydney’s Newtown neighborhood not only channels West African cuisine through a color palette inspired by capsicums, chili peppers, and tomatoes, but alsoContinue Reading


Chef and restaurateur David Burke and Lemay + Escobar senior partner and design principal Andres Escobar first collaborated five years ago on David Burke Tavern on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Now, they’ve come together for a second project—Orchard Park—this time, in the suburb of East Brunswick, New Jersey. The 5,700-square-footContinue Reading


Stacy Shoemaker Rauen: Hi I’m here with Marquise. Marquise, thanks so much for being here with us today. Marquise Stillwell: Oh, it’s great to be here and thank you for the invite. I really appreciate the platform that you’ve created and I’m very excited to be here. SSR: I’m excited.Continue Reading

The 2021 trends evolution amps up on everything from food to wellness, art to environment, tech to Netflix. We’re rethinking everything. HD gathers global visionaries to explore cultural drivers and aesthetic shifts impacting design now. The post Creative Jolt appeared first on Hospitality Design.Continue Reading