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Hotelier Indonesia By: Peter Teska, Global Infection Prevention Application Expert, Diversey In many countries, restaurants were among the first to feel the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Bookings disappeared almost overnight, followed by long imposed periods of closure and staff inactivity. The onset of coronavirus hasn’t diminished the hardContinue Reading

Hotelier Indonesia Understand the cost of your booking channels to maximise revenues Written by: Stephen Hambleton, IDeaS senior product manager Today, more than ever, Indonesian hoteliers need to understand that often a direct booking is the best kind of booking. However, while encouraging guests to book direct can help hotelsContinue Reading

Hotelier Indonesia How Personalisation Can Drive Bali Resort Revenues Today Written by: Tracy Dong, Lead Advisor, APAC, IDeaS Revenue Solutions Resort owners in Bali operate complex businesses. They face challenges related to volatility in demand, having overwhelming amounts of data and complicated revenue streams. As a result, traditional dynamic pricingContinue Reading

Hotelier Indonesia Impact of Major Sporting Events on Hotel Performance Hosting major sporting events has long been considered a way to enhance the brand awareness, tourism appeal and profitability of a destination. For the hotel industry specifically, such events can help boost demand and other key performance indicators (KPIs). ThisContinue Reading