Solo Golf: Husband and wife duo founded golf apparel company featuring streetwear

In 2017, Dan and Tessa Sullivan started Solo Golf with aspirations to bring the style of men’s streetwear to the golf course. The couple opened a year-long brick and mortar pop-up shop outside of Boston, Mass., in 2020 that displayed the company’s style and the pair’s love for the business.

The Sullivans are passionate about fashion but believe it should be expressed uniquely on the course. The couple doesn’t think every male golfer fits the mold of the traditional golf look. Everyone is encouraged to play the sport with their own bit of fashion flair, introducing Solo.

Solo took a traditional style, like the golf vest, and added a functional and warm twist. The vest has always been a staple layer in every golfer’s wardrobe, but the company added a Fleece-Blocked design with a high neckline, multiple pockets and a hood. Hooded pieces are a growing style in golf fashion to help during those chillier seasons. The Core Hooded Vest features a tailored fit, fleece chest plate, micro-fleece liner and it’s easy to swing in.

Solo Golf Core Hooded Vest- $160. (Solo Golf)

Every golfer owns the traditional collared polo, but Solo has introduced a versatile long sleeve shirt. This shirt features a band collar with 4-buttons that helps provide a more sporty collared look while maintaining the streetwear style.

Solo Golf Performance Long Sleeve Band Collar- $72. (Solo Golf)

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