Burgreens, Indonesia’s largest plant-based restaurant chain and Green Rebel, Indonesia’s first food technology startup producing plant-based meats and cheese, announced today the launch of “Veganuary Indonesia”, an invitation to eat 100% plant-based meals once a day ( flexitarian), during January 2022 to improve health and as an effort to better protect the environment.

Veganuary was first initiated by a British non-profit organization in 2014, which invites people to try a vegan diet or eat 100% plant-based foods in January and beyond. In 2021, this campaign succeeded in inviting 500,000 people from all over the world to join.

As pioneers in the healthy and environmentally friendly food industry, Burgreens and Green Rebel (GREEN FAMILY GROUP) consider the Veganuary campaign very important, especially as a medium to educate the public about “Planetary Healthy Diet”. Moreover, according to EAT, a research by Dr. Brent Loken – Indonesia is already at the earth’s maximum limit for red meat consumption; but very few consume the family of beans and legumes (beans & nuts) and vegetables. Nuts and legumes are a source of vegetable protein that are high in protein, fiber, phytonutrients, and various vitamins and minerals. To make it easier for Indonesians to adopt the concept of VEGANUARY, GREEN FAMILY have made adjustments to become flexitarian (flexible vegetarian), which invites people to TryVegan with #OneVeganMealADay.

“Now we can’t just promote healthy eating patterns without looking at the earth’s limits for producing these foods. Animal protein, especially red meat and dairy products, are the least earth-friendly food, as they are a major contributor to the production of methane gas, and take up a large number of land and water uses. Returning to the diet of our Indonesian ancestors, which is rich in various vegetable proteins and low in consumption of animal meat and cow’s milk, is very much in line with the Planetary Healthy Diet. With the flexitarian version of Veganuary Indonesia, we hope to be the main door for Indonesian people to start appreciating a variety of vegetable proteins that are not only healthy for them, but will also help preserve the earth. Diet change, not climate change,” said Helga Angelina, Co-founder and CEO of Burgreens and Green Rebel.

Several studies have proven that a plant-based diet (either mostly or completely) can reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, maintain ideal weight, improve mental health and maintain the immune system.

Observations of the Blue Zones, or regions of the world with the happiest and longest-living populations also show that an important lifestyle pillar for the Centenarian population (people living up to age 100) is a plant-based diet and their main source of protein are from beans and legumes.

When it comes to environmental impact, we can reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by as much as 40% by switching red meat consumption to plant-based protein, 60% by adopting two vegan meals a day (“Two-thirds Vegan”), and up to 85% by adopting a 100% plant-based diet (Vegans).

“Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods”, by Clark et al, PNAS;
“Country-specific dietary shifts to mitigate climate and water crises”, by Kim et al, Global Environmental Change

“The key to adopting a healthy plant-based diet is getting enough calories from consuming a variety of foods (I recommend eating 30 types of plant-based foods a week), and enjoying the thrill of exploring new foods that we might not have eaten in the past,” said Max Mandias, Chief Innovation Officer of Burgreens & Green Rebel.

By eating plant-based only once a day, one man can save an average of 4,200 liters of water and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 9 kilograms per year. The “Green Family’s Veganuary” campaign is supported by public figures such as Eva Celia, Abigail Cantika, Arifin Putra, Andovi Da Lopez, Marc Klok, Haseena Bharata, Lukman
Benjamin, and several other collaborators.

“I feel a new version of me. It rejuvenates me and my body is always running perfectly. And the most important thing is that I feel like I’m doing the right thing for myself. Every day I train and compete, I don’t feel tired. It suits my mindset as it’s always working to get the best version of me” said Marc Klok, professional football player for Persib Bandung who follows a 100% plant-based diet.

“We can start 2022 by thinking creatively in mixing and matching healthy food menus every day. Starting 2022 with something healthy and doesn’t harm anyone, will definitely be an interesting start” said Abigail Cantika, an Indonesian musician who also follows a 100% plant-based diet. Participants can join by registering at burgreens.com/veganuary2022 or greenrebelfoods.com/veganuary2022 and gain access to a range of “Green Classes” ranging from Nutrition Class, Planetary Healthy Diet Class, and Climate Activism. Especially for the participants who join this campaign, Burgreens and Green Rebel will give 15-20% discount on all products during the month of January 2020.

Several local brands such as The Bulksource, Sebumi, Sustaination, Sukkha Citta, 21 Hari Vegan, Green Welfare, Tempe Movement, Living Barn, Youthtopia, Javara and Paradigm Fitness will also collaborate in this campaign, giving various webinars about living a healthier and greener life, along with attractive prizes for Veganuary participants.

In addition, various restaurants are collaborating with Green Rebel to provide a huge variety of plant-based menu in January 2022, along with various attractive promotions. Restaurants joining the campaign include: Max’s Pizza, ABUBA, Coffee Academics, Twelve, Okuzono, Queen’s Tandoor, KOI, Sliced Pizza, Anomali, Mad Bagel, BALI DIRECT Store at AshtaDistric8, Mayur’s , SUBO Family, Add Kali, Stockholm Syndrome, Proklamasi Catering, Plantalicious, Roti Eneng, Woogie Boogie, LoavesLattesandmore, Two Fat Indians, CakeALicious and Healthy Hobee.
Let’s make the world a better place, one plant-based meal at a time! 🙂


Burgreens is the biggest healthy plant-based chain restaurant in Indonesia with 15 restaurant outlets in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bandung. Founded in 2013, Burgreens created a concept of “Plant-based Paradise” where customers can find various options of Asian delights (Indonesian, Korean and Japanese Food), Western meals (Burgers, Steak and Pasta) to Vegan Bubble Drink and Non-Dairy Lattes.
Burgreens has also partnered with more than 600 Indonesian farmers through sourcing most of the ingredients used in its restaurants directly from small to mid-sized farmers, and food artisans who apply sustainable farming and food production at fair-trade prices. In 2021, as its latest innovation, Burgreens launched a brand new concept of New York-style vegan pizzeria called Max’s Pizza.

GREEN REBEL is Indonesia’s #1 food tech start-up developing all-natural plant-based meat with authentic Asian flavours. Their signature products include Beefless Rendang, Chick’n Katsu, Chick’n Karaage and Whole-cut Beefless Steak. Founded by a long-time plant-based activist couple, Max & Helga – the company aims to democratise plant-based eating in Asia by providing innovative products that are healthy, tasty, and affordable.

All GREEN REBEL products are high in protein, contain no cholesterol & less saturated fat, and
require much less natural resources compared to animal products. Within 10 months of its operations, GREEN REBEL has worked with 550+ food service outlets & 50+ retailers.