The Internet wins again: How a hypothetical question led to a Harry Higgs Vs. Phil Mickelson practice round money game

Harry Higgs and TBD vs. Phil Mickelson and Joel Dahmen – now there’s a match golf fans can get behind. It will happen on Tuesday, Aug. 17, at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey, and continue a PGA Tour tradition of great smack-talk practice round money games.

This one came to be innocently enough. Higgs, one of the most affable players in all of golf, was bored and had some time to kill on a flight and asked his Twitter followers to help him pass it by with a Q&A. That’s when Cameron Binder chimed in and asked, “Who would you want to partner with to take on Mickelson and Tom Brady in the next Match?” Higgs responded that “he’ll play with anyone. And I don’t think Phil Mickelson is ready for my trash talk.”

That’s all it took for Mickelson to take the bait. He came back firing, tweeting, “I might not be ready for your trash talk, but I am READY for you.”

Who would you want to partner with to take on @PhilMickelson and @TomBrady in the next “The Match”? Would be a huge step up in production to have your commentary!

— Cameron Binder (@camerontrbinder) July 26, 2021

The back and forth continued and before long Mickelson had proposed a match at next week’s WGC-FedEx St. Jude Championship. He tweeted, “This will save me a trip to the ATM before I leave. Thank you.”

I might not be ready for your trash talk but I AM READY for you

— Phil Mickelson (@PhilMickelson) July 26, 2021

There was only problem: Higgs didn’t qualify for next week’s limited-field, no-cut tournament in Memphis.

“And folks this is why Phil is the greatest. You swing at the greats you better not miss,” Higgs tweeted. “It’ll have to be Tuesday at Liberty National I didn’t qualify for Memphis. But I’m game!”

Mickelson couldn’t resist: “What? You say you’re ready for me and you’re not even qualified to be in the field? Might want to rethink that last lane change.”

Not long after, Dahmen asked in and Mickelson grabbed him to be his partner. Higgs has a little time to pick his teammate. Mickelson’s Tuesday money games are legendary, and this one shouldn’t disappoint. As Michael Buffer would say, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Alright that’s it for me folks! I’ll be doing this again soon! Thanks @PhilMickelson for putting me in my place. I’ll see you in a few weeks

— Harry Higgs (@harryhiggs1991) July 26, 2021