Pepe Garden Furniture are Supplying High Quality, Ergonomic Wooden Furniture Perfect for Hotel Gardens


Pepe Garden Furniture was established in 1988, and have been making luxury, durable wooden garden furniture ever since! They exclusively use Scandinavian Redwood (Scots Pine) sourced from, you guessed it, Scandinavia. This wood is favourable to use because of its durability and longevity due to it growing at a slow rate in a cold climate, giving it qualities of durable hardwood. Many of Pepe’s customers have left great reviews and feedback regarding the longevity of the Furniture. The pieces can be left out all year with no need for covers, the only protection required is a lick of Pepe’s own brand furniture protector every two years or so. The wood is correctly carpentered (spliced) together at their joinery in Scandinavia and all of the metal parts of each of the furniture are either galvanised or stainless steel to ensure strength and durability. The wood is also extremely pleasing to the eye, with many beautiful knots and inconsistencies decorating some of their pieces of furniture.

All of Pepe’s chairs, benches, high back chairs, sofa benches, sunbeds, deck chairs and swinging chairs have a range of motion, such as some of the seats come with an optional flip leg feature to allow a more reclined position to be achieved. Also, all piece’s of Pepe Garden Furniture are specifically ergonomically designed for back support, and Pepe has even received a design excellence award for this, with many pieces having a curvaceous design element that is in equal parts comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Many of the chairs also have high-back counterparts, wider variants for double seating, footrest options or a tabletop additional feature that slides onto chair arms, useful for holding drinks and food. Pepe also provide three different size tables, each with adaptable extensions, to adjust the size for any occasion!

All of Pepe Garden Furniture’s are delivered unassembled and need to be constructed on arrival, however, all tricky and fiddly aspects of the build will have been done at the joinery so there is only a question of putting the main components together using the nuts and bold provided. Each piece should take a maximum of 30 minutes to construct. Specific chairs have the option of coming with cushions and fabrics, which come in 6 different natural colours. These aren’t waterproof, but are designed to allow water to run through them and be sun-dried, so there is no need to take all fabrics and cushions inside every time it starts raining. The shade covers, such as the ones atop the swinging chairs, come in 4 different natural colours and are designed to allow dappled sunlight to pass through, still providing some shade, but lets some light inside. These covers are also anti-rot. In the coming months, Pepe will also be providing a range of paints for their furniture, which will be great for suiting the furniture to any hotel’s colour scheme or style!

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