The UK’s Lockdown Roadmap is on track and Hotels are still Expected to Open on the 17th of May!

The whole of the UK is counting down the days until Monday the 17th of May when step 3 of Boris Johnson’s 4 step lockdown roadmap gets put in place, and more restrictions begin to ease. Most notably, tourist accommodation, hotels, pubs and B&Bs will be open for business, encouraging staycations around the UK and allowing the hospitality sector to start working again.

The tourism and hospitality industries have been adversely affected by lockdown, and as a result of Boris Johnson’s roadmap, most UK hotels haven’t seen a soul in over 5 months, with the exception of airport hotels, hotels that helped hospitals with Covid-19 patients and hotels that helped in the cold winter months with housing the homeless. Even when step 2 of the roadmap allowed outdoor seating in restaurants and pubs, to try and aid the hospitality sector somewhat, the notoriously awful British weather prevented outdoor seating from being an effective source of income for many restaurants and pubs. Over 6,000 pubs, restaurants and bars have closed in the UK since the start of the pandemic.

The 3rd step of Johnson’s Lockdown plan is a big deal for lots of businesses in the hospitality sector, providing hotel staff with their jobs back after a long stint in lockdown, and also providing employment for any restaurant staff whose work had no outside seating. A change in travel rules also means that UK residents can travel freely (within the UK) and stay in hotels and B&Bs throughout the country. This will give many hotels the much-needed influx of guests to get the wheels of business moving again, and also some preparation time for when international travel to the UK is completely unrestricted. Other restrictions that are being lifted on May the 17th are:

• Indoor mixing allowed for two households, but rule-of-six for indoor hospitality and other public indoor spaces allowed to be open
• The limit for people to meet up (distanced) outside has increased from 6 to 30
• Hotels and the rest of the accommodation sector is to re-open
• Sports events and performances in stadiums, arenas and stages will resume (with restrictions)
• The number of people that can attend funerals, weddings, receptions and wakes has been increased to 30

A lot of the UK are looking forward to travelling the country with family, being able to stay overnight in hotels and eat in restaurants, as it is the first time you can plan a getaway with your loved ones since January! We are on the road to recovery, and Boris has said that we are “on track” for all restrictions to end on June the 21st. The hospitality sector will be having a much-needed boost on May 17th and have started the long road to normality. They will just have to put up with British guests for the time being!

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