Panespol reveals their Exclusive and Versatile new Wall Panel Designs

Multifunctionality in times of change

“Currently, interior design is undergoing such a revolution that it has gone from becoming a luxury to almost a necessity.”

In most sectors, it’s important to manage spaces properly and create settings designed to attract sales. It’s all about putting together a shopping experience and giving products greater visibility. It all adds up.

However, there are times when you can add by subtracting; it’s one of those unwritten laws that’s been hardwired into every interior designer at some stage. Sometimes, less is more.

This is the case with some of the new Panespol Panels, whose design has been inspired by the imperfect yet simple. Something that isn’t synonymous with minimalism, but definitely part of the current discourse with its tendency to opt for the comfort and versatility of the functional rather than more baroque or ostentatious settings.

Panespol presents their exclusive new designs, bold and daring as always, but practical too.

BRICKS, doubly versatile.

If there’s one thing that defines exposed brick, it’s a sense of timelessness and energy. But it’s Brick’s versatility that makes it the top stone for creating modern, trend-setting, even rustic spaces. This is why the Bricks range now features two new panels.

Grunge Brick: A safe option with a quirky touch. The scratches and imperfections on the Panespol Grunge Panel are inspired by a somewhat chaotic, scruffy yet realistic view of the world. This decorative covering is designed to play a leading role in the kind of project that manages to break any stereotype by its very nature.

Block Brick: It’s common to see bare walls, in which the bricks take on huge visual importance and successfully create cosmopolitan environments based on a simple concept. The Panespol Block Brick Panel embodies the versatility of exposed brick, showing that functionality is much more than a virtue.

TEXTURES, the ultimate trailblazer.

Feel it. One of the things that make Panespol’s Textures range special is the ability to energise all five senses in any designer, interior designer or window dresser wanting to recreate unexpected and unusual settings. Panespol Cube is the newcomer to this range.

QUICK JOIN SYSTEM, the value of making things easy.

An assembly system that successfully channels your creativity in a simple, clean way. Create your commercial space efficiently, speeding up deadlines and requiring no building work on site. In this section, Panespol includes two new panels that define the essence of the Quick Join System: Piedra Teruel and Beton.

If you’d like to find out more about Panespol’s wide range of decorative coverings, take a look at our Panespol panel’s catalogue and choose the one that best suits your project.

And if you’re looking for customised solutions, contact Panespol here.

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