Petition starter Glenton Jelbert was going home to Singapore after his trip from Indonesia, when he was shocked to see a store selling huge sharkfins in the international terminal of the airport.Contrasted by his impression of the country’s amazing natural beauty, he was saddened and dissapointed. This led him to start a petition on entitled “Can you believe they sell THIS in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport? Help us stop it!”

The petition was covered extensively in this Jakarta Globe article

Today, Glenton got word from an Indonesia animal rights group JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network), that they received an official letter from PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) or Airport Management, saying that they have banned the sales of shark fins in that store. Furthermore, a friend sent him the below picture that shows “Shark Fin”  blacked out from the store’s menu.

The petition got him thousands of support from around the world from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, US, Europe and mostly from Indonesia.

The petition was also supported by Nadya Hutagalung, founder of and host for TV Show Asia’s Next Top Model. She says that everytime she passes this store she always takes a picture of it and tweets it to spread awareness. The petition was also supported by Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Riyanni Djangkaru & Divemag, Earth Island Institute, and Sharkguardian

Glenton says: I’m delighted to have played a small part in this battle.  I can see that the attitude of the Indonesian government is becoming more progressive, as Deni Krisnowibowo (The VP of Angkasa Pura) was very positive and receptive to this initiative in the letter.  I hope that we can use this victory to generate more awareness of the bigger war, and make a significant contribution towards it, as ultimately that is the important thing.  However, each step should be celebrated and this is more than I hoped when I first made the petition, and quicker too!

Communications Director of Indonesia, Arief Aziz said that while Shark Finning is a huge global issues, Glenton’s petition is a great example of how big issues can be tackled one small wins at a time.

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